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About Our Company

Scrolls Unlimited, Inc. began producing scrolls for market in the small town of Cheboygan, Michigan in December of 1993. The scrolls are an ornamental plaque holding two patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office. These decorative scrolls are all made by hand and come in various sizes and colors and can be used for many different occasions.

U.S. Patent – D355.391 & U.S. Patent – 5605001

Our Story…

Laura Derk

Hi, my name is Laura and my story in scrolls begins with Christmas of 1990. It was this year through an unexpected turn in conversation that I believe I was personally challenged to re-examine how we as a family were celebrating this wonderful season. My husband Joe and I have always had a desire to celebrate the Christmas holidays in such a way that our four children would have good memories similar to the ones we had when we were children. As we were decorating our Christmas tree that year, my husband became a little more expressive about his concern over the way Christmas had become so commercialized. Even though we tried very hard to instruct our children as to the true meaning of Christmas, Joe felt that there was something missing yet as we still put up a tree, brought out the Nativity set and went to church just like everyone else.

My husband liked having the home decorated because it reminded him of all the good memories he had when he was a child. He enjoyed the family fellowship and activities that surrounded the holidays, but he felt the Christmas tree itself had nothing to do with the “true meaning” of Christmas. Without knowing by our conversation, Joe had indirectly challenged me to take a look at the Christmas tree and the ornaments I was using.

He didn’t realize at that time that the Christmas tree was something that had brought back some fond memories for me. Each year my mother would put up our tree and decorate it with lights, ornaments and tinsel. Underneath the tree she would create this wonderful Christmas village. It was somewhere I could go and enter into a world of my own. I would just lay on the floor and try to imagine what all the people in the village were doing and where they were going. It seemed like a happy place to live. Something that once brought me a sense of joy was now being challenged. I found peace, love and happy people in my own little world.

This indirect challenge helped me realize I was putting more emphasis on creating good memories for my family than understanding fully the true meaning of Christmas. In my heart I wanted to honor Joe, but I also wanted a Christmas tree. I knew that if I had a tree that pleased the Lord it would also please my husband. Knowing that I was at a time of question, I just looked up and asked God if our tree was pleasing to Him. Before I finished asking the question I knew in my heart as I looked up to Him that He was impressing on my heart to show me that our Christmas tree had become just another product of commercialism. I knew that God had called believers to be different and I wanted to be different and that included the way I was celebrating Christmas. Immediately I surrendered my tree to the Lord. I asked him what kind of ornaments should I use to put His word on? It was then He impressed upon my heart to use a scroll type ornament. I got to work that following spring and created my very first scroll. I bought myself a calligraphy set that fall and decided to start making scrolls for my Christmas tree. I used verses from Christmas cards we had received from friends and family. Friends of mine loved the scrolls and asked if I would make some for them. Many hours were spent writing the same verses over and over again on every scroll I had hand made. A number of scrolls were donated to our church for their tree. I took notice on how people reacted as they saw the scriptures hanging on the tree. What a great idea it would become to actually use the Christmas tree as another way to spread God’s Word.

The next summer I did a lot of research as to whether or not such a product existed on the market, I had become more and more confident that the scrolls were a great idea. I began to test market them at local craft shows. By the spring of 1992, I contacted Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan to see if they would be interested in carrying the scrolls. They encouraged me to send a few samples for review. About three weeks later I received my first letter of rejection. At that stage of the product’s development, they felt the scroll looked too handmade for their store. I went back to the drawing table and spent more time at our library investigating better materials to use as well as searching out local suppliers. That fall I contacted two Christian schools who were more than willing to help me test the market further by doing a school fundraiser. All money raised went towards upgrading the quality of the product. Finally, in the spring of 1993, I resubmitted the new scroll design to Bronner’s. They accepted it and have been carrying our line ever since. On February 14, 1994 I received the first of two patents issued by the U.S. Government. Since then I have been granted both the Design and Utilitarian Patents.

Now we have all kinds of scrolls. Different sizes and colors – all for different events. Oh, I love decorating now for the holidays. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him in such an awesome and unique way!


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