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CHRISTmas Letter from JESUS

If your child received a letter from JESUS on CHRISTmas morning...it might say something like this!

Merry CHRISTmas, this is Jesus

Thank you so much for celebrating My birthday.  You know I was a child once too.  I was born in a small town called Bethlehem.  Have you ever heard of that town?  The word Bethlehem means house of bread.  That seems kind of silly doesnt it?  Especially since our town is not famous for making bread!    


Our JESUS CHRISTmas Letter is written for children by our own artist, designer and story teller Laura Derk.  It is printed on our gold parchment paper to give it the old-fashioned classy look.  Children of all ages will enjoy this wonderful - simple to understand story about JESUS!


This copyrighted letter will be enjoyed by children of all ages.  The entire letter is based on biblical truths from the scriptures.  For permission to reprint letter for personal use only please contact us at scrolls@mich.com.  

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CHRISTmas Letter from JESUS
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