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Elk Lodge Scrolls

The "Obligation" scroll is secured with a sturdy purple cord.  The remaining 3 scrolls are secured with a ribbon stamped with the words "Loyal", "Leading" and "Lecturing" for easy identification.  The impressive, custom crafted wooden box is designed for storing and presentation of these unique lodge assets.  A gold/purple name plate may be added for only $10.00 more. Get this personalized plate FREE when purchasing the entire set.   

ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS can be added to your set ... just call us at (800) 219-9019.  We are here to assist you!

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Elk Lodge Set
This set includes 4 scrolls with the box and name plate. The "Obligation" scroll is sec..
Elk Lodge Scroll Box
The scroll box can be bought individually or as a set.  Walnut stained with the option of a Lod..
This is the plate where we engrave your lodge name and number. ..
Loyal Scroll
Identify the scroll with the word "Loyal" printed on the gold ribbon. ..
Leading Scroll
The Leading Rolled Scroll comes with a ribbon marked with "Leading" for easy identificatio..
Lecturing Scroll
Comes with a ribbon engraved with the word "Lecturing" for easy identification.  For ..
Obligation Scroll
Comes printed with your Lodge Name and Number.   ..


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