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Air Force Prayer T-Shirt
Air Force Prayer T-Shirt Air Force Prayer T-Shirt

Air Force Prayer T-Shirt

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The Air Force Cadet prayer is printed on back.

Lord, God of hosts, my life is a stewardship in Your sight. Grant me the light of Your wisdom to the path of my cadet days. Instill within me an abiding awareness of my responsibility toward You, my country and my fellow man.

I ask true humility that, knowing self, I may rise above human frailty. I ask courage that I may prove faithful to duty beyond self. I ask unfailing devotion to personal integrity that I may ever remain honorable without compromise.

Make me an effective instrument of Your peace in the defense of the skies that canopy free nations. So guide me daily in each thought, word and deed, that I may fulfill Your will. May these graces abide with me, my loved ones, and all who share my country’s trust. Amen