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Paw Print Ornament Kit
Paw Print Ornament Kit

Paw Print Ornament Kit

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These ornaments were designed to capture your pets very own paw print.

The black ornament comes with black ink - perfect for that black, gray or white furry friend.

The brown ornament comes with brown ink - perfect for that brown or orange furry friend.  

The best way to capture the paw print is to rub the ink pad on the bottom of your pets paw... (make sure you get lots of ink on the pad the paw!)  Then do a test run on a sheet of paper.  If satisfied - then put the paw print on the ornament.  

This ornament is a great gift for NEW PUPPIES or those dogs who that have become members of our families for years.  

This is a great ornament for veterinarians to carry in order to capture our pets last paw prints.  Makes a great memorial keepsake!


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